Mission Gold Pure Pigment Sets - Now Available!

The Mission Gold Pure Pigment Set of Watercolors is the perfect set to start out your journey exploring the Mission Gold Range.

Lauded by numerous experts as some of the best Watercolors they have ever used, the Mission Gold range of Watercolors allows for the maximum range of artistic expression.


Each tube in the Mission Gold Pure Pigment Watercolor set contains only one pigment which allows for remarkable amounts of consistency while working. The set contains 24 tubes of paint and additionally includes a mixing chart. The chart allows the artist to quickly and easily expand the range of colors to 54 by mixing the shades already included in the set.

Salient Features:

  • Strong, pure pigments that will even stand up to the most opaque whites
  • Highly lightfast colors that will maintain the integrity of artwork for decades
  • Twenty-six (26) single pigment colors, capable of yielding 28 additional standard colors when mixed according to the included guide
  • Intense colors that are easily revitalized, even from dry palettes
  • All colors are AP nontoxic and safe for artists of all ages
  • Set includes twenty-four (24) 15 mL tubes of color, plus two 7 mL tubes:  one each of Chinese White and Ivory Black.

Click here to view Mijello's color mixing suggestions, which create 28 additional colors from the 24 available in the Mission Gold Pure Pigment Set.