Escoda Paint Brushes - Available Now!

Paint Brushes are like an extension of an Artists arm. Transferring paint from the palette to the canvas in just the right way consistently though is no mean task. 

Over time a great set of paint brushes can feel akin to the arrows in a experienced archers quiver, with the short handled brush suitable for closer more detailed work and the longer handled, larger brushes providing the artist the tools necessary to create broad strokes with ease.

With this in mind, Art Lounge has always tried to provide the best brushes to the Artistic community. 

We are happy to announce that as part of that endeavor we are now able to offer Escoda Brushes both at our Physical Location as well as Online for customers located all over India.

Take a glimpse at the Escoda factory and their story so far in the video below.

From the vast selection of Escoda Brushes, Art Lounge has currently brought in the following collections:

Kolinksy Sable hair is one of the most sought after for use with Watercolours due to its softness and its natural spring. It is also valued in Acrylic & Oil painting to paint portraits or to finalise details of a piece of work.

The Optimo range of brushes are considered some of the finest due to the fact that its brush head contains the perfect combination of the best male & female hairs.

Made of White Hog bristles, these brushes are traditionally used in Oil painting. Escoda White Hog bristles are extracted from the white Chinese bristles from Chungking and are of the highest quality. Their natural hardness responds perfectly to more or less dense oil painting technique and Acrylic.

An almost perfect imitation of Squirrel has been achieved with this artificial hair, Tendo - Synthetic. Thanks to its special fiber, extraordinary softness and a capacity of retain liquid is achieved which is virtually the same as that found in natural squirrel hair! The Ultimo series could become a synthetic hair benchmark to gradually replace natural hair in the future.

Synthetic fiber, similar to sable hair, it not only imitates its color but it also imitates its spring and absorption of liquids. Thanks to the perfect combination of three different diameters & three lengths in the fibers, the brushstroke's result is the same as one made of natural hair.


Teijin Synthetic - it is one of the most outstanding synthetics in Oil painting & Acrylic painting because of its elasticity, spring & durability! Thanks to its special filbert & bright shape, this series becomes an attractive & valued one.

Filleting & Lettering brushes used for painting fillets or labelling. These are characterised by the hair's length, in this case, the Ox's ear!

Part of Escoda's newest Natural Collection these brushes contain natural hog bristle. The hog bristle, while preserving bristle quality & shape, these brushes include a new stainless steel ferrule and a more comfortable natural wood handle. The result is a superior brush for Oil & Acrylic painting as well as Decorative techniques.

You can explore the entire collection of Escoda Brushes on our Online store!