New! - David Kassan Limited Edition Signature Drawing Set

David Kassan is a giant in the contemporary Art World, best known for his life-size representational paintings, which combine figurative subjects with abstract backgrounds. Kassan is also a much sought after drawing and painting instructor because of his steadfast commitment to the age old discipline of working from life and creating compelling expressions of the human condition. He has given painting / drawing seminars and lectures at various institutions, and universities around the world. David Kassan, along with General's® have created a unique, Collectible Signature Drawing Set.

This set features Artist David Kassan's limited edition portrait print and tutorial and 25 hand selected premium artist drawing tools, including General's® Charcoal and new Carbon Pencils. General's® Limited Edition David Kassan Drawing Set comes in a one-of-a-kind custom designed black lacquered, padded, reusable wooden artist box.

The 25 hand selected premium artist drawing tools are as follows:

  • 3 General's® Charcoal White® Pencils - General's® Charcoal White® Pencils are excellent for drawing on dark or coloured papers. These handcrafted white charcoal pencils are extra smooth for easy laydown and dramatic results. Encased in incense cedar, they can be used to create white areas, adjust values or create highlights in sketching or drawing, you can even create a unique wash effect when used with a wet brush.
  • 10 General's® Charcoal Pencil – 2 each of 2H Extra Hard, HB Hard, 2B Medium, 4B Soft and 6B Extra Soft - General's® “The Original” Charcoal pencils are created from the highest quality willow charcoal (high carbon content) and fine organic blacks. They are encased in smooth high quality cedar coatings and come pre-sharpened ready to use as soon as you get your hands on them. With various grades of hardness available, these pencils are ideal for illustrations, sketching, shading large areas as well as fine detailing. The vivid, smooth blacks allow for you to ensure that your colours pop on the paper.
  • NEW! 3 General's® Carbon Pencil – 1 each of H Hard, 2B Medium, 4B Soft - General's® Carbon pencil has a unique formula which combines the smoothness of graphite with the deep rich blacks of charcoal. It lays down smooth, strong, jet-black lines for sketching, drawing, or layout. Perfect when used alone, it can also be combined with charcoal or graphite for a variety of effects. It is a great accent pencil to use either with General’s Charcoal or Kimberly Graphite pencils. You can run a damp brush over your pencil marks to dissolve the top layer creating a liquid you can move around the paper to create beautiful tonal changes within and around the existing pencil lines.
  • 2 General's® Pencil Extender - Made of wood and metal, General's® Pencil Extender attaches to short and stubby wood-cased pencils and adds 5" to the length, creating a better hold for the user. It is a durable accessory for artists, designers, students, or anyone who uses pencils.
  • 1 Factis® Pen Style Eraser - The Factis Pen Style Eraser features a Factis white plastic extendable eraser. This cute little eraser is all you need for touching up those problem areas both big and little in all your drawings. Great for travel because the plastic casing keeps it from getting all grubby inside your bag. The perfect little gadget for sketching in the studio or on the go! Just click to keep the eraser coming! Has a clip to help to secure in your shirt pocket.
  • 1 PanPastel® Black Pastel - The First Professional Artists' Quality Soft Pastel uniquely manufactured in a pan format that works like a fluid paint. Ultra-Soft, Low Dust, Highly Pigmented, Lightfast, Inter-Mixable & Erasable. Can Be Mixed & Applied Like Paint. Offers new creative possibilities within the pastel medium to overcome limitations associated with pastel sticks.
  • 1 Sofft® Knife - No. 4 - When used with Sofft Covers, the traditional painting knife is transformed into a multi-use and absorbent applicator for art and craft techniques. These inexpensive tools function like a cross between a brush and a knife.
  • 5 Sofft® Knife Covers - No. 4 - These innovative Covers are sized specifically for use with Sofft Knives. They transform Knives into absorbent tools, capable of carrying and releasing color and material in a unique way. Sofft Covers are made from our specially formulated micropore sponge which is semi-absorbent.
  • 2 Tortillion (Paper Stumps)
  • 2 Single Hole Metal Sharpener
  • Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorial guide by David Kassan

The set is an excellent one for gifting to the talented artist in your family or just as a gift to your self to further round out your tools.