Amazing Architectural Drawings by Ayşe Bakır

Great Architecture is all around us, remnants of the past and deserves to be captured. They are the hulking masses of stone which have come together to be shaped in ways to leave a stamp of their architect on the earth for generations to come.

Artist Ayşe Bakır felt the same way and decided to capture it using some vibrant Letraset Promarkers and Pen’s in his work. The work pulls at the heart strings and awakens the stirrings of travel within us so that we may observe them in person someday. Till then however we must be content to only stare and sigh.

Inspired by the domes and cathedrals he sees all around his work seems extremely true to life and really pops off of the page. In addition to the Grand Domes and Cathedrals in his work, he seems to draw inspiration even from the quaint lanes and by lanes of small villages he finds in photographs.

The attention to detail in the work is quite remarkable and we are sure that it has taken him years of practice to be able to achieve this level of skill.

We really hope he has used great paper like the Canson Marker Paper to ensure that there was minimal bleed through and his works stay’s preserved for years on end.

Perhaps you are feeling inspired and want to sketch out the areas of Fort in Mumbai, Old Delhi in Delhi or even the Taj Mahal in Agra? Be sure to pick up a few of the Letraset Promarkers Sets to help you capture the mystique of these areas adequately.