Glimpses from Comic Con Hyderabad, 2015

Comic Con India is a travelling festival which travels to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and New Delhi every year to bring to life the wonder and amazement around Comic books and Graphic Novels

These mini world of amazements are always a fun place to visit. Young people come because they are still lost in the wonder that these fantastical worlds bring them, older patrons come to revisit the magic they had once felt.

Here are a few glimpses from Comic Con Hyderabad, 2015 which we participated in

The best part of Comic Con is being able to dress up as your favorite super heroes and characters.

We were fully stocked to help people coming to our stall get the perfect look.

This guest was completely in spidey mode.

Art Lounge loves to be part of Comic Con because we love events where Art comes to life.

We will definitely be visiting Comic Con New Delhi and Mumbai this December as well. We hope to see you there and have some top secret fun activities planned for you.

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Letraset Markers:

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