Learn your ABC’s with Monsters

Caleb Cleveland took on a challenge to create an entire alphabet inspired by Dungeons and Dragons and do a sketch every single day.

In the process he has created Art Work which makes one want to revisit all those monsters you used to hear about in stories our grandmother told us about.

Our personal favorites are the Rust Monster, Zombies and the Orc.

Don’t you love the way he creates creatures which interact with fearless children?

The intricate marker work on each of the monsters helps draw the viewer in as well.

To create Art Works like these do check out our range of Snowman Markers and Letraset Makers at the store. They are perfect for detailed Art work like this.

You can check out more of Caleb’s awesome work which he posts on his social media profiles and web pages.

Caleb’s Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Caleb’s Websites:


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