Now launching: Strathmore paper products

The Strathmore brand name began to appear on fine art papers in 1899, first with Charcoal and soon after with Bristol. The Strathmore brand quickly became known as one of the highest quality art papers used by many leading artists around the world. Strathmore has kept this reputation as a supplier of fine art paper for over a century. Today, they continue to provide artists of all levels with the ideal surface for producing beautiful works of art. Throughout the years, leading artists such as Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth and today's Susan Lyon have appeared in testimonial ads for Strathmore. 

Art Lounge is proud to associate with Strathmore and we now stock several products... from Newsprint pads and rolls, Toned and tinted sketch pads for pastels, drawing rolls, Bristol and watercolour pads, Vellum and Parchment, Visual Journals and Doodle Pads and lots more!