Graffiti: Spray it on!

Its important to know the difference between street art and graffiti. Graffiti is specifically associated with hip-hop culture and is normally taken off as soon as it is put up. We can see graffiti everywhere in Mumbai, on countless walls and building sides. Street art is what can be misconceived as graffiti. This is the incredible art we see, pieces of art in public areas on buildings and walls.

People have very different views on graffiti and street art. Some think of it as an act of vandalism, something that is against the law. But what if graffiti was completely legal? Imagine a city covered in the incredible minds of artists, each wall near a train station or a bus stop having a purpose, making a statement. Graffiti could be the most democratic and public form of art. Artists can shed light on important social issues or even just make someone's day a bit better by brightening up the streets!

Mumbai is full of incredible street art, in places like Bandra and Versova. Stepping out and exploring these incredible artists such as Zake, Jheel Goradia or Minzo can open your eyes to a whole side of contemporary Indian art that you never knew of!

When using spray cans, be it for graffiti or street art, its important to know that it takes a lot of practice. But with brands like Montana Cans or Flame, these companies are giving you the best quality for the art you want to make.

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Montana cans has a wide array of spray paints, from ultra wide spraying cans to metallic. The spray paint from these cans is of the highest quality and will help you get the results you deserve.

On our online shop (, Montana cans also offer a wide range of caps for your spray paints, to give you different results, finishes, reaches and spray types. These are incredibly useful tools, especially when you are working with limited resources but want the widest range of finishes on your piece.

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Flame paints offer two great types of spray paint. Blue, with low pressure, so that you can get a precise finish and take your time, and Orange, for ultra-fast application with minimal noise!

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