Canson Paper - Now available in Polypacks

Every Artist deserves the best surface to work on.

For a majority of Artists that surface is often paper. However good paper can be hard to find at the best of times. To combat this, Art Lounge is has launched a large variety of Canson papers in convenient and well priced poly packs in a variety of sizes to ensure that an Artist always has a collection of papers to choose from.

About Canson:

Known for manufacturing quality papers for over 450 years, Canson, France has always produced the finest Art Papers available. The Canson tradition was started by the Montgolfier family and carried on by the Canson family.

Though industrialization has modernized the way certain papers are produced, much of the process and many of the features remain the same today. Pure French stream water, natural fibers and five centuries of experience contribute to the manufacture of the highest quality papers in the world.

Mi-Tientes Polypacks


The Mi-Tientes Polypacks are the best way to start off with high quality colored paper from the Canson range of Papers. Colored through the pulp makes for uniform color.

It has more than 50% cotton content, combining mechanical resistance and a sensuous feel. Mi-Teintes paper is archival, acid-free, mould resistant and untainted by optical brightners. It has two textures, Honeycomb texture on one side and a fine grain on the other side. Mi-Teintes comes in 50 light resistant colours.

Available in packs of 5 Sheets in an A4 format. 

Montval Polypacks - Watercolor Paper

Canson Montval Paper is an acid-free and archival watercolor paper. Extremely easy to use and containing no optical brightening additives, this paper is the ideal companion to an artist, wishing to express themselves with wet techniques. Montval is suitable for wet on wet watercolour techniques as well.

Treated against mildew the paper has excellent longevity and is resistant to repeated washes which makes it easy to effect corrections.

The paper is extremely well suited for watercolours and gouache and can be used with acrylics as well!

Available in 3 Sizes: A3 - 5 Sheets, A4 - 10 Sheets and A5 - 20 Sheets.

"C" à grain Polypacks - Cartridge Paper

Canson "C" à grain features a fine grain which is neither too smooth nor too prominent which makes the paper ideal for drawing and sketching. The papers allow both effects of relief and a delicately balanced result.

This French Made paper erases extremely well and is ideal for both broad and fine-point media.

The paper is manufactured using only alpha cellulose, hence it contains absolutely no lignin which might cause the paper to yellow over time.

Meeting all the requirements of the ISO 9706 standard, the naturally white paper is acid-free, permanent and contains no optical brightness additives. Canson "C" à grain paper is an archival cartridge paper.

The paper is stock and surface sized which enables it to withstand repeated erasing or scraping without flaking.

Available in 3 Sizes: A3 - 5 Sheets, A4 - 10 Sheets and A5 - 20 Sheets.