Kala Ghoda Arts Festival — The annual celebration of the Arts

Every year in February the Area of Kala Ghoda closes its roads to cars, turning the streets into The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, where the  public indulges in a celebration of the arts and the artists who create it.

Gone is the spacious yet ever crowded parking lot outside Jehangir Art Gallery and the never ending lines of cars flanking the road on either side. Instead there are stalls selling curios and handicrafts, Art installations which provoke and question, workshops covering Theater, Cinema, Literature and more spread across the area of Kala Ghoda and its surrounding areas.

The public comes out in full force to get their artistic fix and doubly so on Sunday, with families and friends all coming along to fill up on their cultural quota for the year.

We braved the hustle and bustle and managed to get a few shots from the packed event for you and hope you like what you see. In case you would like to contribute your shots or comments we look forward to reading them at admin@artlounge.in

This is just a glimpse of all the awesomeness the fest has to offer and we are sure that if you visit you are going to find much more to see.

The great thing to come out of these events isn’t just the cultural impact that they have for those few days that they are in full swing, on the other hand we feel it is the deeper impact they leave on the public with hopefully more than a few getting inspired to infuse just a bit more of any art form in their life and finally begin expressing themselves creatively.

Feeling inspired? Getting the artistic itch after seeing everything on display? Well why don’t you head over to our website and buy some supplies to begin expressing yourself?

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