On Doodle Day — Here are 5 Indian Doodlers you should follow

How many times have you been bored in class and filled up the edges of that biology or chemistry text book with random things which were infinitely more interesting than the drone of the teacher?

Did the equation suddenly become a dumb-bell which a gym buff was using to bench press? Or better yet did the circular interior of that circle you were forced to draw in match class become the perfect cricket pitch for you to recreate a match on?

It is these whimsical notions and fleeting thoughts which doodles capture and why no one can resist creating one.

There are a few of us though who can take that scratching of the pen on paper and elevate it into an Art Work.

Here are 5 Indian Doodlers whose work has made us smile.

1. Sameer Kularwar

Illustrator / Designer / Director at Bombay Duck Designs, celebrated Artist Sameer Kulavoor wears many hats however it seems that he loves to doodle and sketch in the pages of a book. Parts of which he shared on Facebook while chronicling the process of creating the Kala Ghoda Musings Mural recently.

He’s hosting a sketching workshop on the 7th of Feb, 2016 at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival and we are definitely going to be there. What about you guys?

2. Ruchi Shah

Mumbai based Artist Ruchi Shah works on a huge variety of projects, however as per her Behance profile her sketch book is a place where the foggy thoughts in her mind find their final form. No one says it better than her so here’s what she has to say.

I prefer doing neat finished doodles, they give a more final form to little thoughts and ideas that are foggy in my head. They become a base from which I can expand my ideas into bigger illustrations or physically constructed and assembled images using materials and everyday objects.
— Ruchi Shah

3. The Doodlers

The Doodlers are a group of three friends from Mumbai — Abhijit Kalan, Neha Karira and Sameer Kulkarni — who started a company when they realised that they all loved doodling and were good at it.

They have some fab work that they do and are doing a great job taking it forward in a commercial sense by creating calendars from their doodles.

4. Amit Bhowmik

A fitness enthusiast who is constantly tweeting and talking about fitness, is an amazing artist as well, one who we are happy to say has used Canson Paper a few times in his work. His doodles are incredibly detailed and we are sure they take a lot of time and patience to create.

5.Anand Radhakrishnan

His sketches have a healthy mix of art forms that you make you smile – anatomy, concept art and more. His work is a memoir to life itself.

He doodles with a variety of materials and the drawings have the ability to absorb you.

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