Artist Showcase: Kapil Tejwani, Mumbai

Our first memories of seeing something hand drawn are usually cartoons and other animated images.

Seeing them move and come to life immediately captures our attention.

Kapil Tejwani based in Mumbai has drawn inspiration from the same and shared with us his work inspired by Dragon Ball Z and Toy Story. In addition he has also shared an original artwork titled ‘ Blue Devil’

As a Freelance Graphic Designer residing in Mumbai, this 24 year old also enjoys Photography, Football Free styling as well as playing the Guitar.

Can you feel the ‘Buzz’?

Super Saiyan Mode!

Goku is always cheerful

Except when it is time to fight!

You don’t want to piss off a Saiyan!

The Blue Devil

You can create art work like Kapil’s using our beautiful Letraset Markers and Canson Paper.

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