5 Types of Erasers You Should Know About

We love to create. To scribble a little or a lot, using a variety of supplies and techniques. Common to quite a few of us artists though is the humble eraser.

Even something as simple as an eraser has been refined over time and here are 5 types of erasers which we think you should know about.

Rubber Erasers

Found on the end of almost every #2 Pencil in the world these pencil erasers are the ones most of us would be familiar with.

This type of eraser works by shedding itself bit by bit as it lifts the pencil marks of the paper. Remember to be careful though while using these aggressively. Use them too hard and they could tear right through your paper.

Gum Eraser

Gum erasers are a much softer eraser which feel completely different as compared to a rubber eraser. However these are also manufactured out of rubber.

When used a gum eraser will tend to crumble, however one shouldn’t worry as its supposed to work this way. The crumbs help better absorb the graphite. The crumbs also help ensure that the eraser doesn’t tear through your paper. This does come at the slight expense of the life of the eraser though.Ideal for erasing graphite on paper, the erasers are slightly brown or semi-transparent in appearance.

Kneaded Eraser

Remember Silly Putty? This eraser will definitely bring back memories of the same. Soft, flexible, and easily formed and sculpted into various shapes. This type of erasers is loved by artists as it allows them to easily erase detailed areas by just pinching the eraser and using.

The eraser works by lifting pigment (graphite and charcoal) off the surface. Because of this, paper is left undamaged with no smears.

Cleaning the eraser is simple too. Just simply stretch the eraser and fold over on itself (also known as kneading). A kneaded eraser is a must have in your tool kit if your working with charcoal.

Vinyl Erasers

The toughest erasers on this list, Vinyl erasers are also called plastic erasers.

Use with a careful touch, as they can easily tear through paper. However with the ability to erase almost anything, even ink, these erasers come in extremely handy and are loved by draftsmen.They often come in white and can be found in a variety of shapes.

Pencil Erasers

Pencil Erasers are a specialized type of erasers which comprise of a vinyl core encased in wood. These erasers can be sharpened to a point with a regular sharpener. This allows for extremely precise erasing for detailed work.

It’s always a good idea to wipe the tip of the eraser while working so you don’t smear graphite back on your work.

One should always remember though that since these are made of vinyl they are very tough and can damage your paper if not used carefully.

Erasers are truly ubiquitous and fundamental to our world now, I really can’t imagine them not being there.

How important are erasers to you? Let us know.

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