Counting Down to Star Wars : Sketches by Renaud Roche

Artist Renaud Roche has been building up to the imminent launch of the next Star Wars movies in the best possible way. By creating a sketches of key characters from the franchisee and releasing a Sketch nearly once every ten days for us to admire.

200 Days to go!

190 Days to Go!

180 Days to go!

170 Days to go!

160 days to go!

150 Days to go!

140 Days to go!

130 days to go!

120 Days to go!

110 Days to go!

90 Days to go!

80 Days to go!

70 Days.jpg

70 Days to go!

60 Days to go!

50 Days to go!

40 days to go!

30 days to go! Just a Month!

20 days to go!!!!

10 days!!! ITS ALMOST HERE!!!!

Phew. The patience required to create all these works must be quite extraordinary. We are so psyched for Star Wars right now we can’t wait to get our hands on some Koh-i-noor Pencils of our own and begin creating sketches in our Canson Art Books!

About Renaud Roche

Currently writing an Illustrated novel titled La Mécanique de la Pomme, Renaud Roche has been working with clients across multiple fields for over 10 Years. You can check out his detailed profile here.

Renaud’s online co-ordinates are: Website | Twitter | Instagram

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