Artist Showcase : Vrinda Dugar, Jaipur

Jaipur is not just the Pink City it is also a hot bed of creative talent. One such artist is Vrinda Dugar.

She creates art work in a variety of mediums. They include oils, acrylics, pastels and water colours.

Vrinda tell us that colours excite her and she paints to express herself. Creating art allows her to create spaces where the sky can be green and the grass red.

Her main source of inspiration is Nature — in her most pure and pristine form.

Stylistically she blends bold and vibrant colours to create a mélange of creativity and aesthetics.

Vrinda’s artworks can be found in personal collections both in India and abroad.

Some of her artwork is showcased here:

Midas Touch, Acrylics on Canvas, 34" x23"

The Countryside, oils on canvas

Purple Rain, acrylics on canvas, 13" x31"

Contemporary Ganesh,acrylics on canvas 28"x30"

Riding High, acrylics on canvas, 33" x29"

The Great Indian Safari, acrylics on canvas

The Club of ROYALS(set of 2), acrylics on canvas, 21" x 25"

New Dawn, acrylics on canvas, 35" x 27"

Crystal Pop, acrylics on canvas, 20" x 26"

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