Its a Wrap — Comic Con, Delhi — Day 3

The thronging crowds full of the young and the slightly older. All drawn together with the common thread of wonder that they all feel in their unique way. The wonder of worlds that exist only in the pages of books and on the silver screen.

That’s the wonder Comic Con brings to everyone and its been an absolute blast these last few days feeling the raw energy from the crowd.

We didn’t really get time to take a lot of photo’s on the last day so we have collected some of the best face painted cos-play images we could from the official Comic Con India page to inspire you for the upcoming Mumbai Edition.

Does this inspire you to ‘Saw’ anything?

The Dark Side beckons.

How Two Faced are you?

No need to be so serious when the Joker is around

A unique take on the Joker

Remember you can create even more amazing characters using our Snazaroo Face Paint kits which are completely non-toxic and safe for use by kids.

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