The beauty of Fore-Edge Painting

Books hold many mysteries and have the power to take us on magical journeys through the words they hold.

However some books hold even more than just the words between their pages.

Some have Fore-Edge paintings on the edges of the book, which reveal an artwork on the edges of the book.

A more difficult technique is going a step further and having the paintings show only when the book is fanned out as shown in the video below.

One can see a video about the technique which showcases the technique further.

The amount of patience required to create such an artwork is truly staggering and its quite a lost art.

You can see artist Stephen Bowers create one in a sped up format in the below video.

If you are going to be putting so much effort into your paintings, like above, you better make sure you use the best supplies for them and that is exactly where we come in.

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