Artists of India Feature #13 - Rajasee Ray, Graphic Designer and Illustrator

"I love stories in all forms - especially ones with magic and fantasy in them. Art is a great medium to express the magic in small visual moments, and capture frames of open-ended narratives.

Rajasee Ray

My inspirations are all the great writers of fantasy, some brilliant brilliant artists who work with illustrative storytelling, and mostly, my two partners at Ladyfingers Co., who create amazing work and continue to inspire me every day.

Art by Rajasee Ray

I co-run Ladyfingers Co., a graphic design studio based out of Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata - and I'm based out of Kolkata. My workspace is the library room in my house, and it is the most inspiring thing to be surrounded by shelves and shelves of books all day. I am learning and experimenting with my art everyday, and everything I make is a part of this slow incremental process of and teaching myself tools and styles. I love participating in Instagram drawing challenges, and being a part of the incredible artist community online." - Rajasee Ray

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