Artists of India Feature #6 - Aishwarya Vohra, Illustrator, Designer, Dreamer

"I'm a self-taught illustrator currently living in Leh. My illustrations are very much a reflection of  who I am as a person. A combination of happy and silly:) Art has been a source of immense pride and joy for me ever since I was a child, but it was only much later in life that I decided to turn my passion into my profession. I started my career as a digital artist at 31, without a design degree or anyone to guide me. At first I was just creating for fun or for the portfolio and slowly work started flowing in. It's been a constant learning experience since.

Aishwarya Vohra

Initially I took up pretty much any work that was offered to me, but now I only work on projects that excite me and compensate fairly. I especially enjoy working on children's books. 
I have too many favorite illustrators! Beatrice Blue, Julia Christians, Steph Fizer Coleman and Tom Froese to name a few.

Hagrid by Aishwarya Vohra

Hagrid by Aishwarya Vohra

My advice to other hobbyist aritsts would be to remember that it is never too late to give your life a new direction, or to follow your passion. Don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to younger, or more talented/successful people. Just have faith in your abilities and know that you are unique, you are enough and there's definitely room for you. Don't expect to make it big overnight. Things are not going to be easy; You will have to work hard to hone your skills and build a strong portfolio; you might have to deal with crappy clients in the beginning or have no clients at all. But if you genuinely love what you do, things will surely be a lot of fun, and ofcourse success will follow through." - Aishwarya Vohra

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