Artists of India Feature #16 - Aqueel, Graffiti Artist

"I’m Aqueel, graffiti artist based in Chennai. My tag name is Akill and the cofounder of 1st graffiti crew in Chennai T3K (Tic Tac Toe, The Third Kind). I studied digital illustration at Malaysia for 4 year. I’m been painting since 2010.


I do art to inspire and because it is my passion. Nothing interested me more than art. As a kid I was a slow learner so the only form I could excel in was art. Art has given me confidence and a clearer platform to express myself.

I get inspired from everyday life and people on the streets. They are my subjecta and inspirations. I see beauty in imperfections.I practice in my studio and I travel a lot, so I practice wherever and whenever I can.

Graffiti by Aqueel

Graffiti by Aqueel

One advice I would give to my budding Artist is tha Basics is key. Don't wait to do something. Practice makes you perfect.

My process is very versatile. I do a lot of mix medium styles. I also do a lot of street photography and convert them into murals, graffiti pieces, canvases and digital painting.

Basically my style is my version of realism in monotone with serialistic abstract colourful background and another style is converting traditional portraits into (Mecha art form) which is humanoids and cyborgs.

One thing I would love to share is that I do graffiti not to impress anyone, but because of the pure satisfaction of expressing my art form." - Aqueel

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