Artists of India Feature #21 - Thokchom Sony

"My name is Thokchom Sony. I'm a visual artist from Manipur, based in New Delhi. I love exploring different cultures, meeting people from all around the world. I love nature and greenery, and that is where my greatest inspiration comes from.

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I find deep meaning in looking for beauty in diversity and gain a sense of freedom in expressing my findings. “Ethnicity, cultural diversity and Mother Nature inspires me. I spend a lot of time observing details and appreciating peculiar beauty in the smallest of things. I believe in equality and freedom of expression. I strongly feel that art in any form is a channel to express our feelings and release our energies in a positive way that can heal others as well as ourselves too"

Artwork Thokchom Sony

Each one of us are important and are a part of a big picture that we will see only when we open our hearts and minds like a child." - Thokchom Sony