The Art Lounge Team - Part 1

Welcome to Art Lounge. Can we help you?" If you've visited the store you've met one of these 3 amazing, bubbly, artistic ladies hovering around you exactly like that.

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Priyanka, our resident artist:"I was invited for W&N training event by Art Lounge and I didn't know my life would change after that, I met the owners and they were the sweetest host. We spoke about future collaborations and so much about ART and one day I get a call from Art Lounge to work as a full time Resident Artist. I had no other thoughts and I was ready for this new adventure in my life. And from then my life has been a rollercoaster, learning about new mediums and their history is the most interesting thing. I love handling social media, product photography and editing. I love being around Art supplies. Art Lounge has taught me how to deal with customers, to be patient, to be confident and to always explore and keep learning. I'm so grateful to have an amazing team and will be always thankful to Art Lounge."

Soni, our loveable shop assistant:"Art Lounge is home for me. We learn so many things while dealing with customers right from talking skills to developing my confidence. Art lounge not only made me a better person but also gave me a best life patner. My partner (kartik) is totally opposite to me. They say opposite attracts, well it's true. We are blessed with a baby girl (Nitika). I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever I see him. We are a team and I cannot wait for new adventures in our life. I'm so thankful to Art Lounge for supporting me. Art Lounge gave me good memories and yes many more to go with it. Special thank you to Mrs. Krishna Goenka ji & Mr. Rajesh Goenka ji to support me all the time."

Preeti:"It's been more than six months I'm working here and I have realized the meaning of real art and how important it is for our soul. There is so much to learn from my colleagues and I have just started painting, it's a beautiful feeling to work with brushes and paints. My best medium is watercolors. I love painting florals. I would like to thank my team for tremendous support and can't wait for new adventure."