Artists of India Feature #24 - Siddhi Basutkar

"I am a 12th std. student and I am going to pursue Fashion designing as a career. When I was in school, I once saw my Science teacher draw a human body figure during one of our classes which I replicated in my note book and started adding on various clothes on it. I got hooked on to it and that is how I slowly began designing. The process of seeing a design on paper being turned into a wearable piece of art is something I find very fascinating. I thoroughly enjoy sketching and painting everything related to the world of fashion.

Siddhi Basutkar Artists of India

My parents are supportive of my decision to pursue a career in designing but I have faced a lot of difficulty in convincing them that this is my passion and that I can be successful at it. A lot of people questioned my decision wondering if I will be able to earn a livelihood out of it and whether I will be able to adjust in the world fashion design given our family’s simple background. But when these same people see me give my best to the drawings I work on, they start praising me and encouraging me to go ahead on this path. I think if I continue to believe in myself and my passion there is nothing that can stop me.

Siddhi Basutkar - Artist

My dream is to see my sketches in reality as clothes people can wear and flaunt as my designs. I am a huge fan of the designer Sabyasachi, his attention to tiny details and intricate work never fails to amaze me. I really hope to get a chance to work with him in future!" - Siddhi Basutkar

Siddhi is a mentee with The Lighthouse Project ( @LighthouseIndia ) and is an alumni of our NGO School partner Muktangan ( @ngomuktangan ). The Lighthouse Project connects children from under-resourced communities with working professionals through one-on-one mentoring with the goal of helping these children develop essential life skills, social skills and exposing them to a world beyond their community.