Awesome Drawings by Kate Louise Powell

Creating Art from an extremely young Age, talented UK artist Kate Louise Powell is an aspiring Illustrator who is currently pursuing her degree from the University of Edinburgh.

The website Caseable caught up with Kate recently and we enjoyed the interview so much that we had to share snippets from it and some of Kate’s incredible work with you.

Having started out from an early age Kate has gained inspiration from  Marco MazzoniMeghan Howland and Gabriel Moreno amongst others. She has also been blessed with an extremely supportive family who has motivated her to draw ever since she has been a young girl.

With a large social media following Kate definitely feels the pressure of creating work that appeals to her audience however in the interview she does share that she has realized that creating art which appeals to her personally is far more valuable even if it is a bit darker and more serious in tone.

While the tools she finds herself most comfortable with are still the pencils, she has been making attempts to expand her horizons and get more comfortable with watercolors and other mediums as well. As a perfectionist however this remains a challenge for her.

As someone with a soft spot for nature and veganism, Kate does try to incorporate nature into some of her work to try to provoke thoughts and debate amongst the community. Her nature elements bring a bright spot of colour to the work and make it seem more relatable as well.

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