Amazing Mosaics and Patterns by Radhika Khetan

It's always fabulous to run into budding Artist's at our physical store. It allows us to understand what their needs are and try to show them the best materials they can use. The curiosity they have and the enthusiasm they show is always heartening to see.

During our Grand Sale which concluded recently, we were lucky to run into Radhika Khetan, a 12th Grade student from RN Podar School. She loves Art and Design so much that they were one of the subjects she chose for her IGCSE as well.

Her main interests currently lie in creating Mosaics and Patterns as she feels they require a large amount of patience and determination, I must say that I agree with her wholeheartedly.

She's been interested in Art and Design since as far back as she can remember and received encouragement from her mother and art teachers to always push the envelope and try to differentiate herself. We need more mothers like hers in India for sure!

Ritika also expressed that she loves Color Diffusion and that her preferred tools for creating her work currently includes, Sketch pens, Drawing pens, acrylic paints and poster paints.

If you like her work do check out her Instagram Handle as well: @thequantumdesign

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