Beautiful Disney Character Drawings by Hope Hokulani

Almost every girl goes through the phase where she wants nothing more than to be a Disney princess. With their strong and varied characters and broad appeal its natural to want to be like them.

Bringing them to life on her sketch books and papers using markers and color pencils with equal skill, Hope Hokulani recreates their magic and makes us fall in love with the characters all over again.

Be it Ariel the Mermaid or Elsa from Frozen the characters Hope draws are true to the reel life images we adore and have fond memories off. She does also create original characters in her work as well which are fab to look at and we secretly hope Disney ends up using one of them some day.

With an active social media following Hope engages regularly with her audience and tries to interact with them as much as possible.

Hope recently shot a video which showcased her work on Canson Watercolor Paper in a video so that her followers could see how she brings an art work to life. She uses fineliners in her work as well and think she would really like the Snowman Drawing Pens we have on offer.