Awesome Paintings on Leaves by Janette Rose

Sometimes even the bounds of a notebook or a stretch of canvas can seem too constrained, the edges of a regular shape proving to be barriers rather than enablers of the artistic process.

So what does an artist do? Explore avenues beyond the traditional ones of course. Music Sheets with compositions listed on them, Leaves which have fallen during a fresh breeze during Autumn, maybe just a News Print article which caught your fancy these all open up a bevy of opportunities for your Art to extend beyond what you could have traditionally imagined.

With her Instagram profile bio reading “Art doesn't have to follow rules or boundaries🎨 “, Janette Rose allows her creativity to roam free and creates work on music compositions as well as Leaves.

Featuring intricate brush work (we recommend a Escoda Brush to emulate it) her work celebrates nature and features animals quite prominently.

Browsing through her work we see that she is comfortable working with both oils and watercolors to bring her creations to life.

If your feeling inspired by her work why not consider a set of Watercolors from Mission Gold pair it with a musical composition from an old book and let your imagination run free?