Artists of India Feature #11 - Awadhoot Chawan, Realism

"My journey of art began in school. Realistic and expressive work of school teacher increased my interest and curiosity towards realistic paintings. I formally completed my education in Fine Arts. Later I joined Animation industry & started working as background Artist for UTV Dream Blanket project and Paperboat Animation Studio but eventually give up to pursue my passion towards painting. 

Awadhoot Chawan

My brush and paints always tend to paint realistic portraits or figurative painting. I love to explore numerous detailed and delicate lines and render then until they create realistic portraits. My passion towards Gouache color increases day by day as rich tones of Gouache colours gives lovely velvety texture to the painting and this colors absorb light and without reflecting it creates a very smooth appearance. 

Painting by Awadhoot Chawan

Painting by Awadhoot Chawan

Old Indian Master artist S.M. Pandit, Dinanath Dalal, Raghuvir Mulgaonkar are inspiration for my realistic painting work." - Awadhoot Chavan

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