Artists of India Feature #2 - Jai 'Zaiu' Ranjit, Printmaker and Abstracts Painter

"I'm a self-taught artist who works primarily in painting abstracts & cubist portraiture as well as relief printmaking using wood & linoleum. 

Jai 'Zaiu' Ranjit

Jai 'Zaiu' Ranjit

Some of the artists that influenced my work and thinking include Kandinsky, Brinda Miller, Picasso, van Gogh and Rothko. I enjoy the influence of music on my work, doing live art performances to live music and engaging in workshops. 

Artwork by  Jai 'Zaiu' Ranjit

Artwork by Jai 'Zaiu' Ranjit

I'm currently engaged in teaching design at ISDI, as well as conducting my own workshops to help build a knowledgeable, fearlessly buying audience to the best of my abilities. 
My advice for budding artists is to study trends, read the market and price wisely. Work hard and smart, and get enough sleep. The rest will fall into place automatically."