Artists of India Feature #3 - Prithviraj Shinde, Graffiti and Sketching

"Hi, my name is Prithviraj Shinde, born and brought up in Bombay. I have been painting and sketching since I was 4 years old. 

Prithviraj Shinde

Prithviraj Shinde

I do art because I love it, for me art is more than selling it and earning money, its pure happiness for me. Everyone in my family does some of the other forms of art.

Art has helped me change my perception towards everything I see, pursue and want to learn. It has helped developed my attitude, vision, and creativity. Majorly to think out of the box.

Graffiti by  Prithviraj Shinde

Graffiti by Prithviraj Shinde

I have a lot of inspirations, most of them are the renaissance painters, and modern artists, but my family and friends inspire me the most in terms of pushing me forward.

I practice where ever I am comfortable feel relaxed and peaceful

I don't think I am yet there to give advice, but the only thing I can ask them to follow is just practice, keep practicing every day

I love different mediums of art, like oil painting, spray painting/graffiti or just sketching.
One last thing I would like everyone to know is that I am colorblind and it doesn't stop me to do art and find happiness in it."

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