Artists of India Feature #5 - Gayatri Mehta, Art Teacher, Painter

"I was born and brought up in Mumbai, work as a professional visual artist creating conceptual figurative compositions to express the world out and world within through various mediums .Having exhibited in prestigious galleries of India and participated in various shows of eminent organisations on invitation and also for Charitable purposes: having a multifaceted career, as Interior Designer as partner in Space Designers; as Visiting Faculty in Kala Vidya Sankul, Raheja College, ISDI ; as Coordinator in Jindal Centre for the Arts.

Gayatri Mehta

I served various Art Societies and Associations in various capacities being the Hon Secretary for the VA Mali Centenary Fund; the Ex-Hon. Secretary of the Art Society of India and as Ex-Joint Secretary of the Bombay Art Society; being on the Advisory Board on Silver Jubilee Committee of Art Plaza Associations: I represented the India Art and Design Online Magazine as a Curator for Make in India Program in Mumbai, where I presented the Talk on “Survival of Indian Art and Craft in digital era”.

Portrait by Gayatri Mehta

I conducted workshop on Portrait and Landscape painting at KCA, Ahmedabad. As a Founder Trustee of The Portrait Artist’s Group, supporting Vasudeo Kamath, for the promotion and conservation of Representational Art and Artists.

I have written articles in reputed magazines and is on the panel of Translators for the Biographical Encyclopedia of Visual Artists of Maharashtra, the project of Pundole Art Gallery.
One advice I would like to give to everyone that Visual Arts is a discipline of creativity and skill. Both can be developed with understanding the basics of Asthetics and fundamental learning of principles of art, along with dedicated commitment and honest, sincere efforts and perseverance of continued practice." Gayatri Mehta

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