Artists of India Feature #23 - Niharika Rajput

"I am a Wildlife Artist specializing in intricate paper and epoxy sculptures of Birds and animals. Each piece is carefully handcrafted to perfection. I start by sketching out all the body parts, wings, tail feathers and body feathers. Thereafter with each one is retraced on paper and cut to precision. These feathers are glued to the body which could be made out paper and wire or epoxy in the miniature versions. Then comes my favourite part, painting the birds realistically.

Niharika Rajput Artist


When it became clear to me that art is what I wanted to pursue as a career option it was only fitting that I should have chosen wildlife as my subject to best represent my work.

My inspiration really comes from the outdoors just like nature: it’s not quiet, structured or rigid– it keeps changing.

Niharika Rajput Wildlife Artist

Initially when I started my business, it was difficult to reach out to people and also to make money. There have been many difficult days where I thought maybe I should look at more lucrative careers or do this part time and take up a full time job but somehow I kept myself motivated and met the right kind of people who were extremely supportive of my talent. They helped me sail through.

The reason why I build these creatures is not only because they fascinate me, but I want my customers or viewers to have a piece of wildlife in their homes which acts as a reminder of what is out there and needs to be protected, since we are moving towards a more human centric, technology driven, anthropogenic world. That is one reason why I also run Art for Wildlife Conservation initiatives in India and all over the world likewise.

Just be fully involved and devoted, never have doubts, fear or worry. First, focus on the product– once that comes out right everything falls into place." - Niharika Rajput